Real Estate Emergency aka Fractured Fairy Tale?


About 6 weeks ago, I received a real estate emergency phone call from Cindy.  She found me online through this neat little blog called Bethlehem Area Homes.  When she realized the company I’m associated with was called Grace Realty, she immediately figured it was a match made in heaven because her dog’s name is Gracie….

Is there a Move in Your Future? | 7 Tips to Dilute the Torture

Is there a Move in Your Future?

Most folks would agree that the physical act of moving a household ranks high on the list of unpleasant things to do—are you quivering just at the thought of it? See what I mean? There are easily 17 tips that could make your move more bearable, but keeping the end in mind, these 7 should…

Is Real Estate Investing for You?

Bethlehem Investing

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing There are lots of reasons people want to invest in real estate, and usually it has to do with making money.  With interest rates at all time  lows and prices very reasonable, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to jump into real estate investing in the…

Unique Ranch Home FOR SALE |3830 Coleman Street, Bethlehem Township, PA

Ranch Home in Bethlehem Twp.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s Ranch homes were popular. Then things changed and the popularity of the style waned and the 2-story emerged.  Now Ranch homes have become extremely desirable once again for many reasons and everyone seems to be looking for one.  They are hard to come by, though, so if you’ve been…

How to Easily Sell and Buy and Only Move Once

Moving Day

How to Easily Sell and Buy and Only Move Once Many folks want to align the sale of their Bethlehem house with the purchase of their new Lehigh Valley home. Why? Most likely because they need the proceeds from the old house to get that new home.  A home costs a bunch of money and…

Does Your Home Exterior Need Some Love? | Grime Fighters to the Rescue!

Tackle the Big Exterior Cleaning Projects

Does your Lehigh Valley home exterior need some loving? No doubt you clean the inside of your home on a regular basis—bathrooms get scrubbed, carpets vacuumed, floors mopped and the kitchen is constantly getting wiped down.  Am I right? It’s endless isn’t it? But we do it regularly so everything looks nice and doesn’t get…

Lehigh Valley Homes Sold During the Holidays!

Don't time the market

Lehigh Valley homes Sold in spite of the holidays. The question is, was yours one of them? A few weeks back I wrote a post about why it made sense to sell your home during the holidays.  I know people tend to get a little frazzled during this time of year and if you have…

Should You Buy the 1-year Home Warranty?

By: Iqbal Osman

When it comes to Home Warranty policies for resale home purchases, they are often touted as peace of mind for the buyers.  Even the seller can purchase coverage for the home during the listing period giving the seller peace of mind as well. As a Bethlehem real estate agent, I’m frequently asked whether I think…

How to Raise Your Credit Score | Leave Your Common Sense Home

No Common Sense

Credit Scores & Mortgages . How to raise your credit score. What to do and not to do. Warning: Common sense will NOT help you. You’re thinking about buying a home in the Bethlehem area of the Lehigh Valley and if you’re like 85% of folks, you need some financing to buy that home.  You…

Selling Your Bethlehem or Nazareth Home During the Holidays Makes Sense

By: Ann

As sure as the holiday season rolls around each and every year, folks who are thinking about selling their home will ask, “Is it a good idea to try to sell my home in Nazareth during the holidays?” And yes, the folks living in Bethlehem ask the same thing.  People contemplating selling their home any…


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